Friday, August 2, 2013


I have dream to have my own laptop with faults.
Have been undecided for 2-3 years.

Now, Finally here he is.
But the excitement doesn't kick in as expected. Still remember what you tell me. Always feel uncomfortable around you especially when you are using questioning tone. It just felt like you talking about my choice of course. Intimidating. Sis asked why I don't look thrilled having a new laptop. I don't have an answer either.

Using my money to buy. I see nothing wrong on this.
But you say I SHOULD use it else where. I felt bad. Pretty bad.

To get positive support in our family, is like finding a gem in front yawn. Yeah, I felt deflated.
Sister will never understand problem. She will only understand her own problem.
Based on my understanding.
I guess I am emotional. Like now.
Sucker punch. sucker punch punch.

Continue with the sketch.

You sucks, world sucks
Now, I need positive energy like A LOT. NOW

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Awkward situation

The a.w.k.w.a.r.d moment 
staying in a room is

when your roommate is having heated argument on the other line.

Monday, April 22, 2013

[UNI] Being Threaten with Marks


The author is currently emotion unstable and this article may be appeared unpleasant words to describe her feelings. If you are not comfortable, please kindly click the X button at the tab section.


Finishing test just half an hour ago.

Most of the questions put a smile on me except for the last few minutes after the test.
I was threatened by lecturer who said he will deduce my marks, more accurately give me a ZERO.
Because I put out the question papers. which I immediately handed back to him before he left the hall. His threaten gave my heart a sink. Just because I put out the return-paper. DAmn PAPER, THE FUCKING HILARIOUS PAPER.

First thing came to my mind : How many marks does this test occupied?

Okie, that's a lot I guess.
Feeling extremely deflated by the incident, then I wondered why the lecturer was so concerned about the papers. And I came to my own conclusion is, He may be lazy to create new questions. Admit it or not, I score much because of the last few years test papers as the questions are "sebiji" or we called it copy and paste and edit a few words. I have no opposition for that. Just being mood-less when I thought back the lecturer's harsh words.


Then, I think again. How miracle of ZERO mark embedded in my mindset, that I immediately felt the shock or threaten by the words. I must be programmed to be afraid of decreasing-mark-system.

Nothing can do much now. Temporary.
What if he does really give me ZERO mark, I will... cry?.... maybe. Gonna have a talk with him Or find someones' help? But, I don't think other lecturers will help me. Nobody wanna be a Busy Parker (errr... is that what we call?)

Wow, feeling better now after writing it out. Wanna put some vulgar words, but that will degrade my blog so I decided to use those icons to represent my current emotion chart.

And, now if you can excuse me.

!!! ... @@@@@^^^7891345+++^^^^^^^^^^^!!!!!!!! BULLSDIW!!!

 thank you.
So sleepy after study whole night yesterday. Get some rest now...