Friday, November 16, 2012

[DRAMA] The ending of a Nice guy

Last episode of Nice Guy was finally here (yesterday)
leaving me with lots of question marks in my head ( even now). This is long post as it is the last one!!!!
*sobs sobs**

The biggest relief is the writer did not kill off Kang Maru aka Song Joong Ki's character. Phew~

Since it is the last episode, Maru's walking bomb condition surely be revealed, which I love to see how people react when they knew about it (except Jae Gil / Lee Kwang Soo ).  When the truth lets out of the bag, I was disappointed as the writer din't specify more on since the Hero-Sickness-Secret 's line was hidden in the last few episode. The writer just using the fast forward method to let us/ viewers to know what is happen later, letting me somehow unsatisfied.

Besides, I like the cuteness overdose after the newborn(?) memory-loss-Kang Maru with Eun ki, despite my overloaded questions. It is nice to see Maru finally become a doctor, and we gotta see more of his doctor's side.

Question Time.
1. How can Eun ki overlook Maru's stabbed wound since he is pressing on it for so long? 
    ( not to mention they go for short talk, taxi's kiss ) 
2. Why everyone suddenly forego Tae San's corporation which all of them tried to hold on for so long?
3. What happen to the recording part? Did it actually reveal?
4. When Jae Sik - Secretary 's loveline begin? ( ps* can't recognize him at the first sight without his beard)
5. What is Jae Gil working as? CEO of his father's company? 
6. The last part when Maru pulled out the ring to Eun ki, can I assume he have feeling for a long-and we-do-not-how-long period ? I thought he just denied having feeling with her. 

The first one is my BIGGEST doubt. Maru managed to sweet talk Eunki for so long without her noticing anything bizarre (almost impossible). I found it incredibly unbelievable no matter how she was distracted by his handsome look. This is the first time I wanna  female lead to leave so badly (I kept shouting in front of my screen). 

The fast forward time slip totally not my cup of tea. How I wishes Maru gotta interact with his family (Jae Gil and Choco ). He dropped dead faint under the gloomy lamp post and next scenes were actually start told us the lives of everyone ( even Jae Sik/ Jae Hee's brother). Somehow, it just felt like the last 1/2 hr, the writer tried so hard to feed viewers with all the updates with limited time. This is the place I kept me wonder if the writer changed, you know like King of drama, the orange juice scenes aka live shooting effect.

Dorky yet smarty Maru~

Overall, I love acting of Song Joong Ki in his drama's image. Not only sweet, decent but also dark and twisted character. Jae Hee is also one of favourite female actress although she played the pathetic, vulnerable villain here. She is pretty awesome especially in the scene that she admitting she committed crime in her own will without influences by others, not Maru or Min Young. 

How can I  hate her in this fish-eye snap?

The last 2 episodes just left  many loop holes and it is hard to overlook them. Still, it is cute to see the pairing of Joong ki- Chae Won. Gonna find other dramas to replace my drama craze on Wed/ Thurs. Pray hard for the next AWESOME drama. ** Looking straight to Jeo Woo Chi, scarred by Faith **

Stared hard...

Last one with a lot of reluctance~


#Off Topic:
Some netizens believe that Nice Guy is less tragic ( like a comedy ) when it comes to compared to 
I Miss You if you watched latest ep. 3 and 4. I almost traumatized because I didnt see that coming 
in ep 3.

Gonna wait and see. Love for the acting of child stars ( Yeo Jin Gu / Kim So Hyun ). My love of actors are getting younger and younger. Noona love, perhaps? ;)

What do you think?

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